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Color Scheme

The color matching is not good-looking, and the decoration is equal to the disaster scene.
If you want a sense of luxury in home color matching, you must read and learn more to find the color scheme that best suits your home.
Next, I will introduce 5 home color schemes which is popular in 2022 for you.

1. Textured grey
◆Grey is suitable for modern style and light luxury style, and it is easy to highlight the sense of luxury.
◆Grey cabinet can be made into the whole wall storage, simple and elegant, very stylish.
◆Grey furniture + leather elements + metal decoration, the perfect matching rule for light luxury.

2. Noble Gold
◆Golden home decoration is suitable for fashionable and avant-garde people, fashionable and exquisite.
◆Golden cabinet + paint cabinet, very delicate.
◆If gold is the main color in the home, other colors can choose orange, dark yellow and white.

3. Fantasy pink
◆The pink is soft, the most suitable for matching with white.
◆The cabinet is made of pink, and the background wall and bedding can also choose pink.
◆If you don't like the tenderness of pink, you can use grey-toned pink to neutralize it.

4. Elegant white
◆If you feel that the color of a large area is white, it is very monotonous, you can add metal lines to embellish it.
◆White can enlarge the visual effect of the space, avoid depression, and is the favorite for small apartments.
◆The white cabinet can make a fuss on the handle, the handle is brilliant, and the appearance is improved.

5. Wood color
◆Nordic style and new Chinese style are very suitable for choosing wood color furniture.
◆The original wood color can give a fresh and warm feeling, which is a perfect match with the small furniture with the same warm texture.
◆Wood color is very suitable for small apartments, and with white, it has a sense of lightness, making the space look cleaner and more comfortable.

Do you like these 5 popular home color schemes in 2021? If you have more confusion about home color matching, please contact VOUGUER HOME ([email protected]

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