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By Vivian | 03 August 2022 | 0 Comments

The Shoe Cabinet Design

If the shoe cabinets at home are not installed properly, No matter more cabinets are not practical as one of others.More is not always better,that must be more practical is better.

Using these cabinet optimization methods can make the practicality of the cabinet improve N grades!

The more flexible the cabinet, the better!

In the design of the shoe cabinet, everyone seems to prefer that each lattice should be uniform. But you must know that our shoe styles are diverse. If the regular shoe cabinet encounters high-top shoes, short boots, and boots,it is not neat.

The focus of shoe cabinet design must be practical! Before customizing a shoe cabinet, you must first consider the number and type of shoes in your family, and know your own shoe cabinet customization size.

The shoe cabinet that can put all kinds of shoes in the picture above is what we need most. So how can you have such a practical shoe cabinet?

The first method is to use movable laminates inside the shoe cabinet, and the laminates can be adjusted freely, so that we can adjust the compartments of the shoe cabinet according to the specific situation.

Flip the shoe cabinet is also an option worth considering!

If the cabinets inside the shoe cabinet have been fixed, we can also use some tricks to solve the problem of not enough shoe cabinets. That is, adding a sloping board can hold 2 pairs of shoes in one grid.

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