About Us
Guangdong Vouguer Smart Home Co., LTD is a Chinese-founded cabinet manufacturer that makes and sells bespoke furniture and home furnishing. We offer customized kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, home furniture, and whole-house customization service.

In 2006, Mr. Bintang Zou, the Chairman of VOUGUER, start to OEM wardrobes. With experience and in-depth understanding of the construction industry, he thinks " Everyone deserved a quality life".

Brand VOUGUER was founded in 2008. With the development of the company, we decide to set up two factories in China. One is in Guizhou and headquartered in Foshan.

Over the past 10 years, VOUGUER focused on the domestic market in China. Real estate projects have chosen VOUGUER, owing to its unceasing striving for perfection, thinking of customers, and passion to satisfy the individual needs of home decor. Nowadays, more than 500 Vouguer Home stores in China.

With its highly automated woodworking machines and accumulated competency in mass customization, VOUGUER has the great production capacity and flexibility to meet your specific demands. We provide reliable products to customers with excellent quality and delivery on time.

Our vision is to bring eco-friendly, quality, durable furniture and whole-house customization to you with our service and e
xclusive solutions.